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Our Team

Ronan (President & Co-founder)

A lawyer by training, but an entrepreneur by heart, Toronto Gold is Ronan’s second foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Immediately prior to starting Toronto Gold, Ronan served as Vice President & General Counsel of a Toronto-based online media company.

Before that, Ronan was a co-founder of, a green online mall, that was ultimately acquired by Air Miles. Ronan was recently featured in a documentary on start-ups and Start-up Weekend.


Philippe (Co-founder)

An engineer by training, and business and sustainability strategist by day, Philippe helps the Toronto Gold team to lead the market and “wow” customers with ethical, transparent and modern practices. Like Ronan, this is Philippe’s second entrepreneurial venture.

Philippe draws on experience from diverse industry sectors, including professional services, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, and energy.


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Toronto Gold
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