How To Tell Real Gold From Fake Gold

People stumble across shiny, yellow treasures all the time while scouring through yard sales or flea markets. And if you’ve ever been to such a sale, you know they can get real busy. There’s no time for second guessing or your would-be treasure could end up in someone else’s hands. This is where knowing how [...]

What You Should Know Before Buying Gold

Image courtesy of Buying gold can be one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make, but it comes with a great deal of added responsibility and certain risks. It’s crucial to cover your bases before bringing home the bacon. We here at Toronto Gold would like to offer some precautions to those [...]

Which Is Better, White Gold or Platinum?

Image courtesy of The popularity of white gold and platinum jewelry products has increased dramatically in recent years. People are gravitating toward jewelry that’s silver in color, as opposed to years ago when buying yellow gold was the big trend. While both white gold and platinum each have their own advantages, we [...]

Why The Drop In Gold & Silver Prices?

There is little debate as to the primary cause of the recent price drop in gold and silver. One clear explanation says it all – it is due to margin call liquidation by people holding long future contracts on precious metals. What Happened? Those who have been holding future gold and silver contracts were forced [...]

The MLB Gold Glove Award

Image courtesy of With baseball season in full swing, we here at Toronto Gold thought it would be fun to do a quick wrap-up on the Rawlings Gold Glove award. The Gold Glove award has been awarded to top players in MLB for defensive excellence. It has been contributing to the fame of incredible [...]

White Gold Alloy

Image courtesy of A gold alloy is any alloy that contains gold. Since gold in its purest form is much too soft despite its other great qualities, it’s often paired with other metals like silver, copper, nickel and zinc to give it more hardness for a variety of different uses. In fact, the [...]

Make Money Urban Mining

Throughout the world, millions of dollars worth of precious metals sits in landfills and junk yards where it is hidden away. That's right, millions; and there's a lot more coming! To give you an idea, roughly 21 billion dollars worth of gold and silver is used each year in the manufacturing of electronics, according to [...]

Cash For Chocolate?

Every once in a while, a clever feller comes along who thinks they can dupe a gold buyer. Of all the people to sell fake gold to, don't you think a gold buyer would be a last resort? In a recent shenanigan in London, a certain Mr Silentbill attempted to sell a bunch of 1 ounce [...]

Canada’s Minimum Wage: Then Vs Now?

Did you know... During the mid 1960s, laborers in Canada earned a minimum wage of $1.25/hr or 5 silver quarters. Doesn't sound like much, or does it? Today, the melt value for the same 5 silver quarters comes to a whopping $22.25! If only it were true of Canada's minimum wage, too. This is one example of [...]

Hecla Mining Buys Aurizon Mines

Image courtesy of Hecla Mining Co has been in business for over 120 years and expects to produce between 8 and 9 million ounces of silver this year from it's primary mines. That's impressive. Guess what? They're growing bigger. It was recently announced that Hecla mining, the second largest U.S. silver miner [...]