Our Current Live Prices

Live Silver Spot Price: $26.76 CAD/ozLive Gold Spot Price: $2,347.10 CAD/ozLive Platinum Spot Price: $1,190.19 CAD/oz
Prices Updated: 06/29/2022 08:00 PM
Gold Coins
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Coin (9999) $2,354.14/oz
Pure Gold Coins and Bars up to 1oz (includes 999 Gold Maples) $2,342.41/oz
Pure Gold Coins and Bars over 1oz $2,253.22/oz
Gold Coins Under 24kt (Per Gram of Gold) $67.92/g
Damaged Gold Coins and Bars $67.92/g
Premium Gold Jewellery*
24K Premium Jewellery$70.93/g
22K Premium Jewellery$65.02/g
18K Premium Jewellery$53.20/g
14K Premium Jewellery$41.38/g
10K Premium Jewellery$29.56/g

*Listed above are premium rates which apply for fine jewellery with diamonds and precious stones, premium brand name pieces (Tiffany, Cartier, Birks, etc.) and select vintage and antique items. Please note, we will require proof of authenticity for items to qualify for premium rates. The manager of each location will determine which items constitute as premium jewellery.

Gold Jewellery
24kt (99.9% pure gold) $60.37/g
22kt (91.7% pure gold) $54.08/g
21kt (87.5% pure gold) $51.62/g
East Indian and Nuggets $49.05/g
18kt (75.0% pure gold)$44.09/g
Yellow Dental Gold$34.01/g
14kt (58.5% pure gold)$34.01/g
10kt (41.7% pure gold)$23.96/g
9kt (37.5% pure gold)$21.57/g
Silver Maple$28.10/oz
Silver Bullion$26.76/oz
Unrecognized Silver bars 1 ounce or more$0.66/g
Silver Coins Under 999$0.62/g
.925 Sterling Silver$0.56/g
Stamped .800 Silver/Unstamped$0.48/g
Canadian Silver Coins
Coins from 1966 or earlier (no pennies or nickels)$11.58/Per Dollar Face Value
Coins from 1967 (no pennies or nickels)$9.41/Per Dollar Face Value
Coins from 1968 (Quarters and Dimes only)$7.24/Per Dollar Face Value
American Silver Coins
Coins from 1964 or earlier (no pennies or nickels)$14.80/Per Dollar Face Value
Platinum Jewellery (stamped 950)$25.45/g
999 Platinum Coins$36.35/g

How we set our prices

Our prices for different gold and silver products are updated every 20 minutes and are set relative to the market price for gold and silver bullion respectively.  All gold and silver products are offered wholesale value relative to the costs to turn the piece into gold and silver bullion, and accounting for any associated risks. For example, gold in the ground requires a lot of effort and cost to extract and refine and is therefor priced at less per gram than gold already refined into its pure form. Wholesale values are presented in this way and you will find us offering at or near spot market price for your gold and silver bullion, slightly less for standard lower percentage coins and bars from various governments and mints and less for jewellery with its inherent variations. The tables above show current prices for the various products. There are no fees, charges or commissions on top of this like you may find elsewhere. What you see is what we pay. We have modest profits on each transaction and our business survives on the volume offered by return and referral business. This is in stark contrasts to many traditional players in this space that take advantage and negotiate to try to make as much as possible in each transaction. All of our appraisals are free. If you do decide to sell, we will pay you on the spot!

As per municipal and provincial law, we can only purchase from clients who are at least 18 years of age. All customers must present a valid piece of Government Issued Photo ID.