We Buy Diamonds

In addition to precious metals, Toronto Gold also purchases diamonds set in jewellery. Our in-house gemologist will be available on location and can assess any diamond that is 0.25 carat or above. The diamond value will be assessed based on its carat, clarity, cut and colour. To learn more about diamond quality, please visit the GIA website.

In the event that our gemologist is unavailable and you do not have an accompanying appraisal, we offer a standard rate of $100/carat for all individual diamonds that are undamaged and are at least 0.25 carat in size.

Our Diamond Buying Process

Toronto Gold exercises full transparency when evaluating your diamonds. Every diamond is carefully assessed and valued in front of clients, with each step explained to them. Our gemologist will appraise the stone based on its quality and current market value, and then offer you a combined value of the stone and the precious metal it is set in. Please note, we are unable to purchase any precious stones that are not diamonds.