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If you haven’t already done your spring cleaning, it’s not too late. Technically, summer doesn’t begin until June 21 so there’s plenty of time to de-junk and tidy things up.

One of the best parts about clean up and clear out is the possibility of finding scrap gold in what you would have otherwise deemed as trash!

Would you be surprised to know that you could have gold in your possession and not even know it?

We’d like to point out some easy ways for you to find scrap gold in your own house and at yard sales, estate sales and the such.

Old Jewelry Boxes

The first and most obvious place you should start looking for scrap gold is in your jewelry box! Time has a way of making us forget about things of the past, no matter how valuable those things once were! For example, have you ever forgotten an important date like a birthday or anniversary? Ok, maybe that’s not the best example, but the point is that you might have some bits of gold already in your jewelry box. It might just be old and broken or it might have been a long time since you wore it (or even saw it if your jewelry box is unorganized).

Junk Drawers

The next obvious place to look is junk drawers. Everyone has one. It’s that convenient place to throw random odds and ends to get them out of sight. You might have an old broken watch, a dull knife and other gizmos that once glistened and shined.

Garage or Shed

Most people move around a bit taking new jobs and embracing new life adventures. Chances are pretty good that you have a couple of unpacked boxes full of stuff you have completely forgotten about. Sound like a lot of work going through it all? Well, not only are you on a quest to find scrap gold, but this presents a great opportunity to reflect on the past and recover long lost memories. It’s a trip down memory lane!

Your Parents

If you went to college or a study abroad or ran off and got married, etc, etc then you probably left a thing or two back at the parent’s house. Give them a call and find out if you have any boxes or old keepsakes at their place. You might be amazed at some of the stuff you’ll find that you forgot you had. You never know what you might find. For example, what if that shiny locket your junior high school boyfriend gave you was gold plated and you never knew?!

Yard Sales, Thrift Shops, Estate Sales

We’ll throw all of these in the same category since they all involve scrounging for scrap gold. It’s an exciting quest that might result with you finding some pretty amazing deals on things you need.

It’s important to know how to recognize gold when you see it. Check out our recent post “How To Tell Real Gold From Fake Gold” to help with that.

Toronto Gold is a gold buyer and seller located in Toronto, Ontario. The above image is not our own. Good luck and happy gold prospecting!