What We Pay

With gold prices reaching all-time highs over the past few years, there has never been a better time to sell. Toronto Gold offers a 150% guarantee that our prices for jewellery are the best you will find.

What We Pay
1 oz 9999 Gold Maple Leaf Coin $2,152.88/oz
999 Maple Leaf Coins, Gold Coins and Bars $2,108.49/oz
24k Jewellery $57.09/g
22k Jewellery $52.35/g
18k Jewellery $42.82/g
14k Jewellery $33.28/g
.925 Sterling Silver $0.62/g
Diamonds (0.25kt+) $100.00/kt
Prices Updated: 10/28/2021 03:00 PM

How we set our prices

Our prices are set daily and reflect the current market rate of gold. For coin purchases, we pay up to 95% of the spot rate. For jewellery purchases, we pay between 70% and 80% of the market rate in order to account for refining costs. The table below shows today’s prices per karat. There are no fees, charges or commissions on top of this! All of our appraisals are free and we do not charge for simple stone removal. If you do decide to sell, we will write you a cheque on the spot that can be cashed right away.

Gold Coins
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Coin (9999) $2,152.88/oz
999 Maple Leaf Coins, Gold Coins and Bars $2,108.49/oz
Gold Coins Under 24kt (Per Gram of Gold) $64.22/g
Damaged Gold Coins and Bars $62.04/g
Premium Gold Jewellery*
24K Premium Jewellery$67.08/g
22K Premium Jewellery$61.49/g
18K Premium Jewellery$50.31/g
14K Premium Jewellery$39.13/g
10K Premium Jewellery$27.95/g

*Listed above are premium rates which apply for fine jewellery with diamonds and precious stones, premium brand name pieces (Tiffany, Cartier, Birks, etc.) and select vintage and antique items. Please note, we will require proof of authenticity for items to qualify for premium rates. The manager of each location will determine which items constitute as premium jewellery.

Gold Jewellery
24k Jewellery $57.09/g
22k Jewellery $52.35/g
East Indian and Nuggets $46.38/g
18k Jewellery$42.82/g
14k and dental$33.28/g
10k Jewellery$23.79/g
Silver Maple$29.70/oz
Silver Bullion$28.81/oz
Unrecognized Silver bars 1 ounce or more$0.73/g
Silver Coins Under 999$0.69/g
.925 Sterling Silver$0.62/g
Stamped .800 Silver/Unstamped$0.53/g
Canadian Silver Coins
Coins from 1966 or earlier (no pennies or nickels)$12.85/Per Dollar Face Value
Coins from 1967 (no pennies or nickels)$10.44/Per Dollar Face Value
Coins from 1968 (Quarters and Dimes only)$8.03/Per Dollar Face Value
American Silver Coins
Coins from 1964 or earlier (no pennies or nickels)$16.43/Per Dollar Face Value
Platinum Jewellery (stamped 950)$26.99/g
999 Platinum Coins$38.56/g

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Requirements for Bullion Purchases

Please note, we do not purchase any bullion on the weekend. For purchases that have payouts exceeding $200.00, we will require proof of the client’s Social Insurance Number as well as a Canadian Government Issued Photo ID with proof of address. For more information on the requirements of selling bullion, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website. Please call us in advance if you intend on selling any bullion over $1000.

Requirements for All Purchases

As per municipal and provincial law, we can only purchase from clients who are at least 18 years of age. All purchases require us to take down the details of one piece of Government Issued Photo ID, which must be valid and not expired. Please note, we are unable to use Provincial Health Cards. For visitors to Canada who do not have Canadian ID, we will require their passport information. For a list of acceptable Photo ID, please see the following.

And how to tell if your pieces are really gold

Toronto Gold is Ontario’s premier precious metals buyer. We will buy any item that is solid gold, silver or platinum. In order to answer common questions we have included a list of things we do buy. However, note that this list is not complete and does not include everything we buy!

Items we purchase

Yellow gold jewellery
White gold jewellery
Silver Jewellery
Silverware (Except Knives)
Gold coins
Silver coins
East Indian gold
Asian gold
Broken gold
Dental gold
Gold nuggets
Wedding gold
Gold bars
Placer gold
and more…..

Items we don’t buy

We don’t buy Knives, gold plated or gold filled items. The following is a list of item stamps signifying items that are not solid gold.

GP: Gold Plated
1/10th 10Kt, 1/20th 12Kt: Items only contain 1/10th of their weight as 10kt or 1/20th of their weight as 12kt.
GF: Gold Filled (items with a thicker gold plate)
GE: Gold Electroplated
RGP: Rolled Gold Plate
EPNS: Electroplated Nickel Silver
HGE: Heavy Gold Plate
GS: Gold Shell
GP: Gold Plate

Understanding jewelry hallmarks

The gold’s purity is usually stamped right onto the items. If the stamp has worn off, we have techniques to check the purity for you. This table helps you understand some of the common markings on the gold items that you are selling:

Karat Stamping Purity (Parts per Thousand)
8k (Old European Gold) 333
9k (English or European Gold) 375
10k (Most Common in North America) 417
14k (Common in North America and Italy) 585
18k 750
22k (Middle Eastern or Asian) 916
24k (Asian) 999
925 Silver
GP, EGP, GF, Guaranteed. RGP, HE, KP Gold Plated (Not Gold)