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What We Pay

1oz Gold Maple Leaf Coin $1649.80/coin
999 Maple Leaf Coins, Gold Coins and Bars $1614.70/oz
24k Jewellery $43.20/g
22k $39.58/g
East Indian and Nuggets $35.08/g
18k $32.40/g
14k and dental $25.19/g
.925 Sterling Silver $0.48/g
Diamonds (0.25kt+) $100/kt
Additional prices

Prices Updated: 2016-10-27, 8:08 PM

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A different kind of gold buyer.



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We pay you top dollar.


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We can help you buy and sell

Bitcoin with ease.

**We are temporarily out of Bitcoins**


We Buy Gold and Diamonds *NEW*

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service in Toronto which is why we now buy diamonds as well as the gold you’ve always known us for.


What Makes Us Better?

As part of Canada’s largest network of precious metal buyers, we are committed to the highest levels of integrity and customer satisfaction. We offer:

1. Transparency

We perform every step right in front of you. Feel free to stop us and ask questions at any point along the way. Our site is full of educational materials so you can know what to expect before you arrive.  

2. No-haggle Policy

Our prices are listed right here on the website so you know how much you’re going to receive before you even set foot in the store.

3. Price Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering the highest prices in the GTA for your gold, silver, and platinum. But if you happen to receive a higher written offer from one of our competitors, we’ll beat it by 50% of the difference.

4. Sincerity

We’re a Canadian-owned and operated family-run business.  So, come in. Have a seat. Grab a coffee. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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